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The nursery is where the plants grow and grow to the desired size. In most cases, these are plants for horticulture, forestry, or conservation biology, not agriculture. This includes retail nurseries for general sale, wholesale nurseries for sale only to other companies such as other nurseries and commercial gardeners, and private nurseries to meet the needs of institutions and private property. Some people also work in plant breeding.
A gardener is someone who owns or works in a nursery center. Some nurseries specialize in specific areas. This includes breeding and selling small or bare rooted plants in other nurseries, growing plant materials to a sellable size, or retailing. The nursery can also be specialized for one type of plant. B. Ground cover plants, shade plants or stone garden plants. There are mass-produced products of certain varieties, whether saplings or grafts, for purposes such as orchard fruit trees and forestry lumber. Some produce seasonal strains ready in the spring for export to cold regions where breeding did not start very early, or to regions where seasonal pests impede profitable growth early in the season. I have.